Air Source Heat Pumps

Backup Power When You Need It


Your stand-by Diesel Generator must be kept hot at all times so that so that it can start instantaneously during a power outage. This heating process costs money. Using a patented process, the Air Source Heat Pump users have reported power savings as high as 84% vs. heating with resistance heaters that come installed with emergency diesel generators as standard equipment.

Isn’t it time you put some energy savings money in your pocket? Every day your generator is needlessly consuming excess energy. Resistance heaters are continuously burning your hard earned dollars and wastefully increasing your costs. It’s time you start saving.

  • Heat Pumps are efficient at moving energy from one heat “reservoir” to another.
  • They consume less power and operate fewer hours when compared to the resistance heaters.
  • Immersion heaters remain installed to provide backup to the heat pumps.


Inefficient resistance heaters are found on all emergency diesel generators and these heaters operate most of the time. However, resistance heaters are very wasteful when compared to heat pumps.

What is the best way to reduce waste (and back-up your heater)? Upgrade to one of our Air Source Heat Pumps using GTS patented technology. This is the most efficient way to heat emergency generators and with thousands of installations for more than 20 plus years, customers usually save between 75% and 85% on electricity charges.

Your emergency power system is wasting money and electricity every day unless you have upgraded to an Air Source Heat Pump System today.