Auto parts distributor prepares for future in aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

A major auto parts distributor with facilities located throughout the US experienced severe and extremely costly outages due to Hurricane Sandy. All operational functions including parts distribution, information technology and sales had all but ceased during and immediately after the storm.

GenServe offered to install a permanent transfer switch allowing them to rent a generator as needed that would provide full facility backup, but the effects of Sandy prompted their upper management to purchase a permanent stand-by generator large enough to provide immediate full-facility back up in the event of any future power outage. GenServe provided a customized solution with a Baldor generator sized to meet their specifications. GenServe General Manager Jimmy Chianese demonstrated the technical expertise and insightful problem solving that the customer was looking for and was satisfied enough to pre-order a generator for another plant location as well as a plan to provide similar installations throughout the company’s US footprint.

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