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Backup Power When You Need It

Backup Generator Services You Can Count On

GenServe’s promise to provide backup power when you need it starts with making sure your equipment is well-maintained. When your backup power system is inspected and serviced on a regular basis, it ensures it will be prepared to perform in an emergency. Regular service also extends the life of the equipment.

GenServe’s team of field technicians is unmatched in our industry. While other companies have five, ten, or fifteen generator technicians on call, we have over 100 experienced technicians in the field. Our team is strategically placed across our service areas and takes home fully stocked vans every day. This makes us the most reliable resource for quick service and repairs, even during large power outages and inclement weather.

With such a large team at our disposal, GenServe is able to stand by a 2 hour or less response time on emergency generator service calls. If your back-up power needs require more than service or repairs, we have multiple generator rental options available 24/7.

Commercial Generator Services We Offer

GenServe delivers expert service and regular maintenance for an extensive array of generator types:

Preventative maintenance to keep your systems running at peak performance.

Fuel polishing and tank cleaning to ensure generators operate properly during prolonged outages.

Repairs and upgrades for generator control systems.

Inspection and testing for backup generators.

Repairs for voltage regulator systems.

Remote monitoring to provide peace of mind.

Major overhauls that can add years to the life of your backup power system.

Load bank testing that meets all applicable standards.

Building load tests performed to make sure your generator is fully operational between periods of inactivity.

Service and repairs for all generator makes, models, and wattages from 20kW to 2000kW and beyond.

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Preventative Maintenance / Service Plans (Yearly, Semi-Annual, Quarterly & Custom)

• Minor Service:

Performed as needed (monthly, quarterly or semi-annually). Depending on the industry and type of facility being operated.    

Our minor service helps you keep the POWER ON by inspecting and checking:  

Air Filter  
Cooling System  
Fan Belts  
Block Heater  
Flex Connections  
Battery Charger  
Governor Linkage  
Engine Oil  
Day Tank  
Fuel System  
Light Bulbs  
Coolant, Oil, Fuel or Exhaust Leaks

• Building Load Test:

Performed as needed (monthly, quarterly or semi-annually). Depending on the industry and type of facility being operated.   

The technician will manually shut off utility power to the facility signaling the transfer switch to run the generator automatically testing operation during an emergency.

• Major Service:

Typically performed annually or as operating hours require it.  This service includes everything covered by the minor service and a complete change of lubricating   oil and oil filters with spark plug and coil inspection.

• Load Bank Test:

Performed as needed (typically yearly or every three years).  

A load bank can be used to test the system’s ability to generate power and maintain voltage and current levels within specified limits verifying that the system is capable of supplying the power   required to run a business or facility during an emergency.

Generators: It’s All We Do

Other companies may service commercial generators, but it is not their primary focus. While they have several sources of revenue that fragment their focus, we specialize in commercial generators. Each branch carries over 100 years of generator experience. This means that when you call, you are certain to speak to a professional who has intimate knowledge of your equipment. Our passion for providing backup power solutions comes from our in-depth understanding of how important it is to keep essential businesses and facilities running, no matter what.

When you decide to keep your focus on one thing, you are able to pour all your energy into perfecting it. That is what we have done with emergency generators and that is why we can promise unrivaled service from our team.

No Matter Your Generator, We Can Service It

We uphold our promise to be a reliable resource for your emergency power needs by working with the best generator manufacturers. Our history of working with many vendors has allowed our technicians to become comfortable working on all types of equipment. In thirty years of business, it is rare our field team encounters equipment that they cannot service.

We are the only company you need to call for work on your backup power systems. We have experience working on equipment from many brands, including:

On-Site Training for Your Team

In addition to our fast response times, GenServe can train your team members to understand the basics of operating your commercial generators so they can monitor it during an emergency. By working with GenServe, you can enjoy the benefits of our expertise in teaching your staff to operate your backup power systems to ensure the most seamless switchover when power outages occur.

GenServe will work with your company to determine the number of employees who will be trained on the new system. We will customize your training to suit your needs and your equipment. At every stage of the training, we will touch base with you to make sure that your staff members are assimilating the new information and to provide hands-on experience in managing these systems effectively.