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Your search ends here with the generator sales team at GenServe. Here at GenServe, we sell, install and service almost every type of backup power supply system and generator. We are proud to serve businesses throughout the following locations:

GenServe is proud to be your one-stop shop for all types of generators. We maintain a staff of more than 70 trained and knowledgeable technicians. Additionally, we have a full fleet of vans. This allows us to provide you with the fastest response times for all your generator sales and installation requirements.


GenServe has established relationships with many of the top manufacturers in the marketplace. We offer full sales and service for top brands like:

  • Cummins/Onan Generators
  • Kohler Power Systems
  • Taylor Power Systems
  • Generac Power Systems
  • Katolight Generators
  • Too many more to mention

Our team sells and installs brand new and used generators. The used generators come from a wide range of manufacturers. Whether you need a brand-new system or a used genset for your industrial or commercial enterprise, GenServe can provide you with the perfect solution for your generator needs.


At GenServe, we offer a full lineup of options for your commercial and industrial generator needs.

  • Our diesel generator sales team will work closely with you. We will determine the best solutions for your needs and your available budget.
  • We offer natural gas generators in a range of sizes and configurations. One of the most important benefits of these generators is that they derive fuel from a natural gas line. This is opposed to needing fuel to be stored onsite.
  • Gasoline-powered generators deliver convenience and easy access in most situations. This can make it much easier to keep fuel supplies on hand in case of a prolonged outage or emergency situation.
  • Propane is a reliable and shelf-stable fuel. Larger businesses, however, may find other options more cost-effective and practical for their generator requirements.
  • Dual-fuel systems generally can accept either diesel or natural gas as a fuel source for operation. For businesses and organizations that depend on reliable and uninterrupted power, these systems are among the best choices on the market.
  • Geothermal generators are suitable for large-scale power plants and industrial enterprises. They offer reliable and cost-effective power that requires minimal fuel to operate.


Your stand-by Diesel Generator must be kept hot at all times so that it can start instantaneously during a power outage. This heating process costs money. But, using an Air Source Heat Pump, users have reported power savings as high as 84% vs. heating with resistance heaters that come installed with emergency diesel generators as standard equipment.

How It Works

Heat pump technology takes available heat out of the air and transfers it efficiently to the engine coolant system by using refrigerant under pressure. To see photos of these installed click here.

GenServe Is The Only Authorized GeoThermal Generator Distributor In The Region

Isn’t it time you put some energy savings money in your pocket? Every day your generator is needlessly consuming excess energy. Resistance heaters are continuously burning your hard earned dollars and wastefully increasing your costs. It’s time you start saving with an Air Source Heat Pump.


At GenServe, we offer true one-stop shopping for all your generator needs. Our sales team will work with you to determine the best options for your needs. We sell and service generators from 20kW to 2000kW wattages and even larger systems. Some of the benefits of going with GenServe include the following:

  • Our team of more than 70 highly trained and talented technicians. This ensures that you receive the fastest response times in our area. We usually respond to service calls in two hours or less. This is large part due to maintaining the largest staff of service technicians in the region.
  • GenServe will work closely with you. We will create a customized solution. Solutions that work perfectly for your needs. Because we are not tied to one manufacturer, GenServe can deliver the industrial sales and services that perfect for your company.
  • We offer remote monitoring through our Gen-Tracker system. This service will provide you with accurate early warnings on fault conditions within your generator system. As such, it will ensure that your business is ready to operate effectively during prolonged power outages or emergencies.
  • We install what we sell. This allows you to enjoy the most streamlined process.

To schedule an evaluation or a custom quote, contact GenServe today or request an estimate. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.