GenServe to the Rescue after Freak October Snow

If you live in Northern New Jersey, Westchester County, or Connecticut you know what it feels like to lose power. Two months after the devastation of hurricane Irene, the same areas were hit with an unusually early snowstorm that dumped more than 15 inches of snow in some areas and caused major power outages again for more than a week. The damage was caused by the weight of massive amounts of wet snow on trees that still held most of their leaves causing tree limbs to snap and take down electrical power lines.
GenServe was called upon to provide rental generators and emergency service calls to customers without power. In some cases, GenServe technicians were on site around the clock to monitor customers’ generators that were running for days, ensuring that fluid levels and temperatures were within the operating guidelines. GenServe also arranged fuel deliveries to our customers with diesel generator sets that were running low due to the extended power outage.

The next time Mother Nature wreaks havoc in your area, make sure you have GenServe on your speed dial in case your existing generator doesn’t start. We’ll be there to get the POWER ON.