Health care facilities avoid evacuation with GenServe’s emergency fuel service after Hurricane Sandy

After Hurricane Sandy, many diesel-powered generators began to run low on fuel. Although most facilities have their own fuel suppliers, many fuel companies were unable to cover the ongoing requests and several were unable to secure fuel as the power outages continued. Fuel shortages were especially troubling for healthcare facilities, because Joint Commission regulations require a plan that provides 96 hours of fuel for emergency stand-by generators.

GenServe’s long-standing relationships with fuel delivery companies enabled them to respond to assist several major healthcare facilities. Without GenServe, many would have had to close and evacuate their facilities. In addition, GenServe had arranged emergency fuel supply contracts for several customers before the storm, assuring them that there would be a fuel tanker in a secure location poised to supply them at any time if they needed to refuel their generators. These emergency fuel contracts allowed the facilities to meet Joint Commission guidelines for their 96-hour emergency fueling plan.

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