More than 150 Businesses Rescued with GenServe’s Rental Generators During Hurricane Sandy

With the threat of Hurricane Sandy looming, national discount box stores, home improvement stores, grocery stores, municipal water/sewer customers and mission-critical and healthcare facilities were all desperately seeking rental generators and equipment to maintain operations and/or to supplement legacy systems. Additionally, supplies of available rental generators and equipment were rapidly depleted in anticipation of the oncoming storm.

The GenServe team worked tirelessly before, during, and immediately following Hurricane Sandy. Their efforts included contacting customers in advance to inquire about anticipated needs, as well as taking numerous requests for equipment immediately following the storms devastation. Working 24/7, GenServe tapped their vast network of resources developed over a long history of combined industry experience and secured equipment from as far away as Georgia, Louisiana, Kansas and California. GenServe prides itself on their corporate-wide service standard: We do whatever it takes to serve our customers. This herculean effort allowed GenServe to deliver more than 150 generators and keep their customers’ Power On.

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