Remote Generator Monitoring System

The Gen-Tracker system simplifies generator ownership through monitoring, documentation and remote operations.

Remote Generator Monitoring with Gen-Tracker

It’s difficult to predict when your generator will fail. Gen-Tracker alerts you to generator faults immediately. Monitoring also alerts you to loss of utility, failure to shut off, loss of building power and other critical issues that can be customized on a site by site basis.

The Gen-Tracker documentation allows you to audit logbooks and document compliance with state generator regulations. In addition to instant alerts, the Gen-Tracker provides monthly generator operation summary reports and maintains a full history or your generator’s activity.

Remote Operations with Gen-Tracker

State laws may limit when your generator can exercise, particularly in the summer months, making it difficult and expensive to maintain your generator. This may require turning off your exerciser for the summer season. The Gen-Tracker allows you to exercise your generator from your office. When summer exercise restrictions begin, disable the automatic exerciser with the click of a button. You can manage the generator from any web browser and restore the exerciser when summer regulations end.



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