GenServe’s Standby System Provides Start-Up Energy Coverage for Cogeneration Plant

Rahway Valley Sewerage Authority

6MW Cogeneration plant designed to operate on natural gas/methane blend, was required by law to have a reliable standby power system and also a bridge to carry the plant for 20-30 minutes during the startup process. Due to the methane blend, the entire cogeneration system requires a warm up time. Engineers determined that the standby system needed to be 4MW, 13.2KV.

Working with project engineers and Baldor engineers, GenServe was able to supply two 2MW diesel generators that parallel with each other and provide 4MW of power without the expense of paralleling switchgear.

Significant space and cost savings to the customer. The generators are rated for 480V and feeding step-up transformers to 13.2KV.

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