TGI Friday’s: Thank Goodness for GenServe

Hackensack, New Jersey

A fire in a nearby office building caused some major trouble for a local TGI Friday’s. The fire department responded and doused the fire with plenty of water, but in addition to the fire and smoke damage to the building, the water to extinguish the flames caused the utility feeders in the building to fail. Unfortunately, one of those feeders provided electricity to the TGI Friday’s restaurant right next door. A week went by with no power and no idea when the power would be restored, each day causing TGIF tremendous business loss. That’s when TGIF called GenServe. GenServe’s field supervisor, Jim Chianese met with the TGI Friday’s management company and electricians to assess the situation and choose a location for a generator that would provide power directly to the restaurant. After careful study, GenServe delivered and installed the appropriate standby generator and cable needed and soon had the restaurant up and running, ready to serve its loyal patrons. The generator powered the restaurant for a week, while electrical crews worked on replacing the cabling and feeders in the building next door. GenServe’s quick and reliable service allowed TGI Friday’s to stay in business and avoid losing 14 days worth of revenue.

If you or someone you know is ever faced with a sudden loss of power, call GenServe and let us get the POWER ON!

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