UPS Services

Backup Power When You Need It


UPS equipment keeps your critical data center operating when there are power fluctuations and outages. It’s the bloodline of your networking system. If your UPS fails when it’s time to support your critical load; you will experience down-time, possible data loss, and incur unexpected expenses.

Routine maintenance ensures your UPS equipment stays reliable by improving your UPS’ overall performance and extending their useful life.

Service plans allow customers to be proactive; giving them the opportunity to detect potential points of failure before they become expensive problems. Plan options include: 

  • 24/7 Corrective Maintenance
  • Parts & Labor for UPS
  • Electronics
  • Scheduled UPS Preventive Maintenance

Our field engineers are factory leveled trained on all major brands of UPS systems.

All testing is performed in accordance with the latest IEEE 1188, IEEE 450 and IEEE 1106 standards.

All equipment is calibrated and meets the minimum requirements for NFPA, OSHA and IEEE.



As the heart of any UPS system, batteries require routine care to ensure their ongoing performance and reliability.


  • Measuring of cell voltage levels (flooded only)
  • Checking batteries for loose connection
  • Testing of cell/unit internal ohmic value (VRLA only)
  • Visual inspection to look for battery leakage, swelling, corrosion, etc.
  • A detailed report with the results of the inspection
  • Recommendations needed to ensure your batteries operate at 100% capacity
  • Reduces battery replacement rate and frequency
  • Identify weak cells and faulty intercell connections
  • Includes a comprehensive report of the battery plant, as well as any
    recommendations for repairs or replacements
  • Load bank testing


Unified Power maintains a stock of new and refurbished UPSs (with customizable runtimes), PDUs and STS to meet the needs of numerous temporary applications.


To maximize the performance and reliability of your UPS, it is essential to replace capacitors at or near the end of their rated service life. Our qualified service engineers can diagnose the condition of capacitor banks and perform a full or partial replacement.