Earn thousands of dollars and help alleviate grid stress and brownouts

By enrolling in our GenPay program, you’ll earn thousands of dollars by running your backup generators during peak demand to help alleviate the load and reduce stress to the power grid. All GenPay customers retain full control of their generator equipment. Compensation is based on the normal load profile of the building and the kilowatt size of the onsite generators. The greater the building’s normal demand level, the greater the potential for demand reduction via onsite generation.

The GenPay program treats our customers as partners by investing in your facility — we bear all the costs associated with required interval meter installations, coincident load calculations and regulatory filings.

If you are currently enrolled in a Demand Response program you should be aware that there’s a big difference in how much money you earn from different Demand Response providers. Some Demand Response providers pay out only a small portion of the money produced from the program. You may be leaving thousands of dollars on the table using your current provider.

For more information Click Here to download a PDF of our GenPay Q&A sheet, or, contact Mike Vahling (631.435.0437) to find out how you can start earning money through GenPay.